Member Forum FAQ

What is the member forum for?

The member forum is for internal discussions within the astronomy club (as opposed to the announcement email list, which will announce upcoming events). Topics may include:

  • Event coordination
  • General discussion
  • Anything else

Who can be in the member forum? How do I join?

Any current student at UC Davis who can produce a address is able to join the forum. Additionally, members must affirm their forum membership each fall -- this is to ensure that only active members are a part of the forum in continuing years. To request access, go to the forum (embedded) or and follow Google's instructions to request access. If you are having issues getting added, try contacting one of the officers or posting on the Facebook page.

How do I access the forum?

New topics and replies will show up in your inbox. Additionally, topics may be viewed both on the astronomy website (embedded) and at